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Our motto. Our motivation. Our mission.

Who do we give to?

Our mission is to inspire hope in women. That's why we give every dollar we make to Bridle Up Hope: a charity who helps young women battle mental illness, trauma, or abuse through riding horses. Together we can bring this life-changing experience to more girls. Here is how:

1. buy

You buy our feel-good products, which are designed to inspire hope.


We give 100% of the profits from your purchase to the Bridle Up Hope Foundation.


More girls in need enter the Bridle Up Hope program—all this thanks to you!

How it ties together

The Pink Horseshoe Story

In 2013, we started a non-profit charity called Bridle Up Hope to combat the epidemic of anxiety and depression sweeping the earth, and in memory of our daughter and sister Rachel, who loved helping girls by taking them horseback riding. We quickly learned that the Bridle Up Hope program—which involves horses, life skills, and service—was transformational. But we found that we couldn’t keep up with the demand. There were too many girls who needed the program but couldn’t afford it. And we couldn’t raise money fast enough...

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